The Manufacturing Facilities of Seyi

From Our Factory To Your Floor 

In addition to a sales and service team that spans the globe Seyi has two manufacturing facilities one in Taoyuan, Taiwan and in Kunshan, China which is an hour north of Shanghai. These facilities combined have over three hundred and seventy one thousand square feet of production space and employ over seven hundred people.

The Taoyuan plant just outside of Taipei is the home base of Seyi. The Taiwan plant is the where all production for global markets take place. At this point presses as big as one thousand six hundred ton have been built here for a variety of applications and markets across the globe.

The Kunshan facility in China has two production areas measuring over two hundred and thirty six thousand square feet. Production at the China facility is only for the China domestic market.

These facilities have an experienced work force. More than thirty percent of our workers have five or more years of experience. Both facilities use high end state of the art machinery for fabrication. Seyi has invested 3.4 million dollars in our own equipment while our competitors outsource critical machining.

To learn more about Seyi machinery and our presses visit our YouTube page to see our machines in action. 

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