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The countdown to FABTECH has begun! As you make plans to attend, we invite you to visit us in booth S4326 and get to know the technology and people of SEYI.

Whether you're challenged to form tough materials, large, complicated parts, or simply need a, then come to the SEYI booth and put our technology and capabilities to test.

Beyond the technology, come to the SEYI booth to get to know who we are, and our value as a global press manufacturer. Our entire global team will be on-hand in booth S4326.

Please let us know that you'll be coming to the booth.

Here's a Preview:

Experience Servo Technology at its Best 

Using SEYI's unique “Vibration” mode to form high-precision, complex "extrusions"
we will showcase a SEYI single point 88T Direct Drive Servo Press making 10mm/.4” deep extruded holes using SEYI’s unique vibration motion profile. The "hammer" action of vibration mode gives you control to form deeper draws with greater precision and demonstrates SEYI's exceptional dynamic response, a critical component when considering servo press technology.

Get more details here, but come to the booth for the real deal and have your questions answered.  

Find Big Bed/HighTonnage Presses with Turnkey Support

Have a large press project like automotive stampings, requiring sophisticated integration and turnkey service? SEYI has a growing global footprint of large press systems installations. Stop by the booth to discuss your project with SEYI America's Large Press Systems Division Manager and see how we can support your success, no matter where in the world you're doing business.
Get Year-End Inventory Savings
FABTECH marks the kick-off to SEYI's year-end inventory reduction, offering great savings on our entire Quick Delivery Inventory.
Contact us for a pre-show quote and save more when you show up on site at booth S4326. or 931-455-7700.
Make Global Connections
FABTECH is the place to meet the SEYI global team

At the SEYI booth, you'll meet our Chairman and CEO, and President from our Taiwan headquarters; Sales, Service, and Support from nearly all of our global divisions, including:

There's no better time, and no better place, where we can all come together.  We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your team.  Thank you for the opportunity.

Best Regards,

The SEYI America Team