SEYI America New Strategic Business Units Expand Product and Territory Focus

Not to be outdone by the recent launch of SEYI-Mexico, SEYI-America is growing its presence by adding three new business units that will strengthen both territory and product development in North and South America.
According to Albert Chen, Executive V.P. of SEYI America, 

“It all comes down to organization, removing the clutter.  It’s not possible to continue doing things the same way and expect to innovate our products and elevate customer experiences.  With the SBUs, each manager will direct strategy and deploy resources in a more controlled and focused manner.”

Internally, SEYI America is taking the next step in galvanizing global collaboration, especially with its Taiwan and China factories. 
"With one point of contact for each division," says Mr. Chen, "we will further improve consistent, transparent OEM support, no matter where our customers do business." 

Large Press Systems Division

Managed by Scott Braito, The Large Press and Systems Division focuses on the detailed design, engineering, and project management requirements commonly associated with large, multi-press projects.  As SEYI America’s chief mechanical engineer, Mr. Braito brings more than 15 years of experience in SEYI’s product line and engineering complex systems.  His strong working knowledge of controls, automation, and integration will play a key part in coordinating with a team of factory engineers, equipment partners, and tooling designers. 
“Companies are running with such lean staffing that equipment suppliers are being asked to provide more complex, complete integrated and turnkey solutions. The Large Press Systems Division will work closely with our customers and partners to ensure projects are designed, delivered, and installed on time and on budget."

Latin America Division 
Alberto Garcia, a press industry veteran of more than 10 years, will lead the development and growth of Central and South American markets while continuing his coordination with SEYI Mexico.  With refined press knowledge, business development acumen, and bilingual talent, he will build on existing SEYI successes within the region, expand distribution and service, and bridge resources from SEYI America, SEYI Mexico, and the Taiwan factory. 

Servo Press Division
Randy Kish
With 15 years of technical sales and business development experience in electric motor and stamping industries, Randy Kish heads up the Servo Press Division.  His focus on product development and applications will drive the further integration of SEYI global resources towards customer support and service.  Randy will work closely with the Taiwan Forming Team and Servo R&D department, as well as with SEYI’s network of tooling designers and tryout centers.   
“In the case with servo, there’s no question that the market is still catching up with the technology. The Servo Press Division fills the gap in knowledge and adaptation.  We’re creating a unified channel of support, service, and continuous improvement.  It’s one way to help customers fully realize the advantages of this constantly evolving technology.”

SEYI Direct Drive Servo Press Demostration at FABTECH 2015

SEYI America stamping presses is pleased to announce its exhibit at the
upcoming FABTECH show, November 9-12 in Chicago, IL.  Held in booth S4235 in the METALFORM area, live demonstrations will feature SEYI’s single point 88T Direct Drive Servo Press making 10mm/.4” deep extruded holes using SEYI’s unique vibration motion profile.

By taking advantage of the direct drive capability to apply constant energy within programmed repeatable stroke steps, key takeaways from the demonstration are how to remove the risk of cut- edge fracturing while maintaining complete control over material expansion limits, and reducing heat and lubrication in the forming process.

By programming 35 up (.3mm/.01”) and down (.8mm/.03”) stroke steps within a 45mm/1.77” distance to BDC, a 10mm/.4” deep extruded hole with an 8mm/.31” i.d. is formed in one press cycle.  The extruded hole has 2mm/.08” thick side walls with a 45 degree top bevel and a very tight base radius.  The process starts with a pre-blanked hole in a 4mm/.16” thick piece of Domex 240 hot rolled, extra high strength, cold forming steel, commonly used in vehicle chassis and other load-bearing and structural applications. 
Along with the live demonstration, attendees can examine numerous parts formed on SEYI servo presses, receive a virtual demonstration of how the parts were made, and how servo programming capabilities can be implemented into everyday production.

About SEYI 
Founded in 1962, SEYI has established a position of global leadership in the press building industry over the past 50 years. SEYI manufactures mechanical presses, ranging in size from 25 to 2400 tons, at facilities located in Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China. At its original location in Taoyuan, Taiwan, SEYI operates a 12,500 square meter facility, and in 2003 the Company began production in Mainland China at an 11,000 square meter facility located in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. Combined production capacity at the Taoyuan and Kunshan plants approaches 4,000 presses annually. Construction of a second 11,000 square meter facility in Kunshan was completed in 2009 and began production in 2011.  The new facility in Kunshan can manufacture up to 300 presses annually, ranging in size from 300 to 4,000 tons. SEYI products have been sold to customers in over 40 countries around the world, and the Company is the dominant foreign supplier to Mainland China, India, South East Asia and the Americas in terms of volume. SEYI is the recipient of numerous quality awards from around the world. The Company completed an initial public offering of its common stock in 2002 and is traded on the Taiwanese OTC (4533 TT) market.

For more information, please contact:

Randy Kish
Regional Sales Manager
Cell: (909) 455-4876

Extruding Precision Holes - SEYI to demonstrate SERVO Press “Vibration” mode at FABTECH 2014.

SEYI- America FABTECH Preview

Visit us on site in booth B1401
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Here's what to expect in booth B1401 at FABTECH

Live Servo Press Demonstrations

Using SERVO Press “Vibration” mode to form high-precision, complex "extrusions"

Held in booth #B1401 in the METALFORM area, SEYI features a single point 88T Direct Drive Servo Press making 10mm/.4” deep extruded holes using SEYI’s unique vibration motion profile. 

Get more details here, but come to the booth for the real deal and have your questions answered. 

“Is servo right for me?”

Getting the most out of a Servo Press investment could be challenging at first. With servo, it's about speed, vertical distance, and die design.  Reducing die stages; slowing the ram to avoid snap-through, reverse tonnage, cracks, breaks, and tears, or simply speeding things up.   All of these are possible in a servo press.  But do you need it all?

Some processes may work just fine with a mechanical Link Motion press. And even though a link motion profile is one of many ways to program a servo, it may be all you need.  At booth B1401, the guys at SEYI would like to help you evaluate your choices.  So, stop by:)

The Importance of Die Design for Servo

Regardless of how you're forming parts, servo benefits rely on die design, and the integration of servo capabilities as part of the process. At Fabtech, we encourage die designers to spend time at the SEYI booth, so that we can discuss in more detail the points brought up in our September webinar “Part Design and Die Making for Servo Presses."

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New Developments

SEYI-America New Strategic Business Units Expand Product and Territory Focus

Not to be outdone by the recent launch of SEYI-Mexico, SEYI-America is growing its presence by adding three new business units that will strengthen both territory and product development in North and South America:

  • Large Press Systems Division
  • Latin America Division
  • Servo Press Division

Learn more about each division, and how they impact customer experiences. Come to the SEYI booth B1401 at the FABTECH show to meet the leaders of these new divisions.

See you at the Show!!!