SEYI-America at A Glance – Investing in the people and technology to make a difference in customer service.

Since 1985, SEYI has been serving the North American metal stamping market.  In response to a growing customer base and ambition to directly serve our customers, in 2000 Seyi invested in its first factory-direct inventory warehouse and administration office in Walnut, California.

In addition to holding our stock presses, Seyi-California was set up as an administrative hub, housing Seyi’s logistics and accounting departments. The Walnut facility is also the home office for U.S. Western regional sales and parts of Mexico.

In 2006 Seyi continued its investment by opening a ten-thousand square foot engineering and service facility in Tullahoma, Tennessee. This facility stores over one million dollars in essential press parts inventory, houses a continually growing service technician team that is quickly deployed if the need ever arises, and offers technical training, demonstrations, and engineering integration.

In 2010, Seyi started a Cleveland, Ohio office for Midwest territory development. Early in 2015 the Cleveland office added a new sales manager to work alongside the Regional Sales Manager of the Midwest in response to continued growth. 
In 2014, Seyi once again expanded its North America investment with the opening of Seyi-Mexico, located in Monterrey, Mexico. The Mexico facility is similar to Tennessee in that they store important parts and house an easily deployable service technician staff.

In addition to our factory-direct offices across the continent, Seyi relies on a vast distributor network. Our distributors are experienced professionals who can optimize your project with the right pressroom equipment and integrated automation.

Today, Seyi-America has over 2,000 presses installed in North America, and have been fortunate to build a very loyal customer base. As the future unfolds, we’ll continue to invest in the people and the resources required to stay on top. In addition, we are a strong proponent of using social media to strengthen our presence.  Through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, and YouTube, we can extend our responsiveness and make it more convenient to interact with customers and stay on top of industry trends.

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