SEYI-China Kicks off 10 Year Anniversary with New Office Complex

The final finishes are being completed on a new five-floor SEYI KunShan Office Building and accompanying Dining Center.  Rising above the 230,000sq.ft. + of production at the SEYI-China factory, the new office complex is scheduled for move-in later this Spring. 

According to Albert Hsu, Director of Administration, “…The new office could not have come at a better time…”

“We needed this,” says the 18 year SEYI veteran.  “The office building and dining center offer something for everyone.  We are centralizing the sales, purchasing, finance, IT, and R and D Departments.  They will be together in one building.  By moving these departments, we will have more room to expand our production and training.  The new office also has plenty of meeting and conference space.  We think that this will make for a more pleasant and productive experience for our customers and other guests.
We are also very excited about the dining center.  It is state of the art, and it will provide the latest amenities for our more than 300 employees, as well as for special events like the 10th anniversary.”
The new office complex sits across from Plants 1 and 2 of the
current factory complex, encompassing more than 230,000sq.ft.  Plans are to add a third building and expand even further.     Plant 1 is the C-Frame assembly building, and current residence of all administration offices.  These are the offices that will be relocated to the new office building.  Plant 2 is dedicated to straight side assembly, up to 2,000t presses. 

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