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After years of building quality presses for other press companies SEYI decided it was time to establish their own presence in North America. In 2000 SEYI America was officially formed with the goal to build dependable presses that were on the cutting edge of technology.
SEYI Mexico Team 

Considering the constant growth within the Mexican market, SEYI saw the need to give the Mexican customers the faster, qualified and reliable local service they needed. In 2014 SEYI Mexico`s office opened its doors in Monterrey, Mexico. The office currently has two Sales Managers, two Service Technicians, an office administrator and the constant support in Service and Engineering from both SEYI America´s and Taiwan`s HQs offices.  

Press installed in the Bajio Region
SEYI has experienced rapid growth in the Market with installations of mechanical and servo presses in the Bajio Region, North East and North West regions. SEYI Mexico is experiencing such growth that it will be adding a Service Technician to offer better customer service, more technical support and give whatever attention is requested by their clients. In addition to that, SEYI Mexico has available spare and replacement parts for servo and mechanical presses to achieve faster solutions.

Servo Press Intstall in Monterrey
The local support does not end here, SEYI Mexico is building a strong network of distributors and a solid relationship with suppliers of auxiliary equipment like safety curtains, feeders, mounts, QDC, etc. SEYI Mexico is the best option to deliver the turnkey projects that clients nowadays need.  

SEYI Mexico's office in Monterrey
Today, SEYI has over 2,000 presses installed in North America, more than 150 presses of them are in Mexico and many more are scheduled to be installed in the near future. SEYI is also growing their presence in the virtual market by expanding their presence in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, BlogSpot, and YouTube. SEYI strives to build relationships with their customers and to continue to be the go to company for complete solutions to your stamping needs.

Porfirio Diaz OTE #618 int. A, Colonia Centro, San Pedro Garza Garcia, N.L., 66200

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