Maintaining a Full-Revolution Press

Does your facility currently use a full revolution press? If so, you should know these types of presses are not compliant with current OHSA 1910.217 standards. A full revolution press is only capable of stopping at top dead center and safeguarding a full revolution press is more complicated than it is with air clutch presses. I have had conversations with many engineering managers who are interested in “bringing the machine into compliance”, but what these companies are not aware of is that the cost of bringing these machines into compliance often exceeds the original cost or the cost of a replacement.

Some highlights of the OHSA standard requirements are: 1) The press must have a single stroke mechanism usually this applies to machines with foot treadles. The system would then only run through one cycle and would have to be activated again before it went through another. This is usually accomplished by adding a mechanical retrofit device or a conversion to a two hand trip control system. 2) If the press is equipped with a two hand trip device, it must have anti repeat capability so only one stroke occurs. 3) Two hand trips must require concurrent use of both hands to initiate a stroke. 4) The press must have a main power component capable of being locked off. 5) The press must have an under voltage starter with under voltage protection. 6) The press must also have an appropriate point of operation safeguarding. 

You can see this is an involved process and expenses can add up quickly. There is a very good chance that you would be able to add a new press complete with a warranty that could make your production more efficient to your facility for just as much or even less than it would take to modify the older non-compliant press that is on your floor. We will even discuss the removal of your old press with you.

Our distributors and project managers specialize in matching you with a machine that meets your needs and keeps your facility safe from fines and injuries that can occur with a non-compliant machine. We look forward to sharing more information with you.

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