SEYI America Adds New Members to its Service Department

Over the last year, The SEYI-America Service Department has gone through a major face lift.  It's nearly tripled its in-house service capabilities.  Joining the team at the SEYI America Service Center and Showroom, located in Tullahoma, Tennessee are Stephen Deaton,  Kevin Appel, John Oosting, Renee Abelardo de Hoyos, and Robert Hatfield.

"Qualified, seasoned service technicians are hard to come by," says David Hattabaugh, SEYI-America Service Manager.  "We've been fortunate.  Two of our new guys are transplants from up North; Illinois and Michigan. Both of them had previous experience with press repair companies.  Renee, who is actually now part of the SEYI Mexico office, has had years of machine repair and electrical experience.  And we rounded it out by grabbing young talent from a local technical school."

While the new staff has years of mechanical experience, much of the hiring criteria focused on electrical knowledge.  "With today's servo technology and advanced automation, troubleshooting and diagnosing electrical issues are a priority.  Our new guys came in with the knowledge and experience, and are familiar with PLC programming, logic, and electrical."

SEYI is a worldwide mechanical and servo press manufacturer with headquarters in Taiwan. Its product line includes c-frame, straight side, link motion, high-speed, direct drive servo, and specialty presses. SEYI-America is a direct subsidiary with offices in California, Tennessee, Ohio, and Monterrey, MX. Through an experienced SEYI-employed and trained service department, an honest and trusted sales network, and a multi-million dollar parts and equipment inventory, SEYI America is North American metalformers achieve optimum press room productivity for more than25 years.

From FF Journal Magazine - Teamwork helps stamper navigate perils of proper press selection

Changing direction
In the April issue of FF Journal, Editor Lynn Stanley features Capitol Stampings and BDC Machinery in their cooperation to specify a new SEYI press.

Although it sounds basic, more often than not, many important variables are overlooked and often the wrong (or least optimized) equipment is purchased. 

The emphasis of the article leans on the strength of a close customer/distributor/manufacturer bond, how electronic communications cannot replace face-to-face interaction, and why distributors still play a key role in carrying a manufacturer's image and brand promise to its customers.


New SEYI-Mexico Branch Office Unveiled at 2014 FABTECH Mexico

Amidst a dark hall, forklift fumes, and the most complicated equipment move-in for SEYI at a Mexico show…ever, Horacio Peña Villarreal and Marclea Hinojosa Amarante received their “Baptism by Fire” into the wonderful world of show management, and kicked off their journey as the new leaders for SEYI in Mexico. They are young, bright, and ambitious, a resounding theme with SEYI around the world. 

Shortly after opening ceremonies on Tuesday, May 6, SEYI made a formal announcement about the new branch office at an in-booth press conference. Here is the transcript…

With recent foreign investments in the area of ​​automotive, appliances and electronics in Mexico, SEYI sees the need to provide more direct support and care to their current and future clients to ensure a quality service and a fast and efficient solution for their needs. The world is focusing on Mexico to be their production link for export to other countries and are also attracted to the local growing market.
SEYI decided to establish the office in the city of Monterrey due to the fact that the stamping industry has been there for many years, and in surrounding cities to it. Admittedly, around the country, automotive clusters are growing in other locations, so in the near future; SEYI expects to have direct support in these areas also to support these customers.
During the first two years, SEYI Mexico will have a workforce of five people in its offices in Monterrey. There will be a person focused on office administration and marketing, two people focused on direct customer sales, and two service technicians. This workforce is believed to meet the current needs of our customers and in the near future the hiring another sales person and a service technician will address in a more efficient way the personal attention to our customers and the market. Upon completion of these first two years, SEYI Mexico will have an office and warehouse space where we will have parts and presses for demonstration and research for the Mexican industry.
Both Horacio Peña Villarreal (Manager), and Marcela Hinojosa Amarante (Administration & Marketing) were trained for a year in SEYI’s corporate offices in Taiwan for insight into the product, and planning the strategy of this office in Mexico with all SEYI’s senior executives worldwide.
The objectives of this new office of SEYI in Mexico are to be able to reach and surpass the levels of customer satisfaction, increase the presence of SEYI in Mexico, and provide support for research and development for the industry in collaboration with educational institutions.

About SEYI
Established in 1962, SEYI has established a global leadership position in the metal forming industry over the past 50 years. SEYI manufactures mechanical presses, ranging in size from 25 to 4000 tons, at facilities located in Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China.
SEYI is expanding its Total Solution Service emphasizing peripherals such as feed mechanisms, transfer equipment, and other ancillaries to maximize SEYI press productivity. SEYI’s servo presses are highly-integrated, exquisitely designed, durable, smart, energy efficient and environmentally friendly presses that feature the latest user-friendly interfaces, safe system designs and robust machine structures. The stylish exterior designs of SEYI’s presses differentiate them in the market and communicate their quality and value.
SEYI's products are sold to customers in over 40 countries around the world and have received numerous quality and industry awards. SEYI has supplied the world’s leading car companies in the automobile industry. The auto, aviation machinery and medical equipment industries are expected to be future areas of growth.
The Company completed an initial public offering of its common stock in 2002 and is traded on the Taiwanese OTC (4533 TT) market.

Show Partners Key to SEYI's Record Setting Success at 10th METALFORM Mexico Show

It wasn't the 6.8 earthquake that had Show Organizers at attention.  
No, instead, it was SEYI's 44,000lb servo press; 20 tons of vertical mass, needing to be off-loaded, placed, and operable. A feat never attempted in the 10 years that the Precision MetalForming Association (PMA) and Tradeshow Consulting have produced METALFORM Mexico, now known as a key technology area at FABTECH Mexico.

“We needed a lot of help to make this happen,” says Randy Kish, SEYI Regional Sales Manager.  “PMA, TSC, and Global Events rose up to the challenge.”

Under the thoughtful leadership of Global Events and cautious attention by Centro Banamex engineers, SEYI's SD1-176 servo press was unloaded and set in to place without a hitch.  

The press was powered up, and the last test performed; operating in Vibration Mode, SEYI's signature servo profile...
There was barely a rumble.

“This whole experience has been a great example of a strong partnership with the trust to see things through,” says Kish. “Congratulations to PMA and Tradeshow Consulting for 10 years of METALFORM Mexico.”

SEYI-Taiwan and America Take Center Stage at the 2014 Shanghai High Performance Machining Conference

This past February 25-26, Mr. Peter Hsu of SEYI-Taiwan and Mr. Randy Kish of SEYI-America presented Servo Press technology to the nearly 250 production and engineering professionals from Chinese automotive and aerospace industries at the 2014 High Performance Machining Conference in Shanghai.

To kick off the two-day event, leaders from local universities and industry associations presented attendees with industry insight, trends, and challenges facing Chinese parts manufacturers. For the remainder of the conference, demonstrations by leading machine tool manufacturers, material suppliers, and process innovators presented new technologies that can help these manufacturers make the most of production


Mr. Peter Hsu from Seyi’s Taiwan corporate offices and Mr. Randy Kish of SEYI-America, introduced the latest developments in servo press technology.

Their demonstration of direct drive servo press applications lead attendees through an overview of sheet metal forming principles, how traditional mechanical forming fails with new materials and customer demands, and how Direct Drive servo press technology meets the challenges for current and future customer response. 

Using animations, video and actual parts, application case studies revealed quality and productivity improvements in drawing and forming cylindrical shapes, automotive oil pans, and torque converters.

To request the full presentation complete with all accompanying videos, animations, and commentary, contact Randy Kish.

SEYI-China Kicks off 10 Year Anniversary with New Office Complex

The final finishes are being completed on a new five-floor SEYI KunShan Office Building and accompanying Dining Center.  Rising above the 230,000sq.ft. + of production at the SEYI-China factory, the new office complex is scheduled for move-in later this Spring. 

According to Albert Hsu, Director of Administration, “…The new office could not have come at a better time…”

“We needed this,” says the 18 year SEYI veteran.  “The office building and dining center offer something for everyone.  We are centralizing the sales, purchasing, finance, IT, and R and D Departments.  They will be together in one building.  By moving these departments, we will have more room to expand our production and training.  The new office also has plenty of meeting and conference space.  We think that this will make for a more pleasant and productive experience for our customers and other guests.
We are also very excited about the dining center.  It is state of the art, and it will provide the latest amenities for our more than 300 employees, as well as for special events like the 10th anniversary.”
The new office complex sits across from Plants 1 and 2 of the
current factory complex, encompassing more than 230,000sq.ft.  Plans are to add a third building and expand even further.     Plant 1 is the C-Frame assembly building, and current residence of all administration offices.  These are the offices that will be relocated to the new office building.  Plant 2 is dedicated to straight side assembly, up to 2,000t presses. 

SERVO Die Training in Sweden

Sweden in January?...Really?  Thanks to our SEYI-Europe team, Scott Braito and Randy Kish of SEYI-America travelled to January...for a team-building exercise in SEYI Servo Press capabilities.  

The two-day exercise was highlighted by a servo capabilities demonstration. 
Led by Micheal Juhle, SEYI-Europe President, the two day training brought together SEYI distributors from throughout Europe to Ulrichehamm,  Sweden - home to Nader Laalinia and SEYI’s newest servo die design and tryout center.

Nader Laalinia is President of Finstansteknik, a leading tool design and custom machine tool manufacturer and integrator. Nader also acts as SEYI’s Sweden representative, offering servo tool and die design, building, tryout, and motion programming.  He has a SEYI SD1-200 in his facility and he’s excited about servo die design and programming with SEYI.

While much of the training focused on ways to integrate Europe/America customer experiences, Nadar’s servo demonstration brought together hours of discussion into three different SEYI servo press benefits: 

1.       Nearly-No-Noise Heavy Blanking with Free Motion

a.       Achieving a high NR rating requires forming at very slow speeds, with very controlled breakthrough.  You’ll need a very high torque, low RPM motor with near-zero mechanical clearance. 

2.       High-tolerance Forming with SEYI’s Unique Vibration Mode
a.   SEYI’s Vibration mode puts the motor, drive, control, and construction together for the ultimate in high precision/highly complex forming.  Though you may barely see it in action, the results are mind bending. 

3.       Form Off-Center Like Never Before – Rethinking the Unitized Design
a.       If you’re serious about servo, then at some point you’ll want…or need…to introduce new stresses to your press.  Long dwells under tonnage, vertically complex die sets, high precision off center forming.  SEYI’s unitized frame and Electronic overload are specifically designed to address the demands.

Cool Copenhagen
Who says visiting Scandinavia in January is a terrible idea?  While meeting in Sweden, Scott Braito and I had the chance to walk Copenhagen.  Check out the pics.