Show Partners Key to SEYI's Record Setting Success at 10th METALFORM Mexico Show

It wasn't the 6.8 earthquake that had Show Organizers at attention.  
No, instead, it was SEYI's 44,000lb servo press; 20 tons of vertical mass, needing to be off-loaded, placed, and operable. A feat never attempted in the 10 years that the Precision MetalForming Association (PMA) and Tradeshow Consulting have produced METALFORM Mexico, now known as a key technology area at FABTECH Mexico.

“We needed a lot of help to make this happen,” says Randy Kish, SEYI Regional Sales Manager.  “PMA, TSC, and Global Events rose up to the challenge.”

Under the thoughtful leadership of Global Events and cautious attention by Centro Banamex engineers, SEYI's SD1-176 servo press was unloaded and set in to place without a hitch.  

The press was powered up, and the last test performed; operating in Vibration Mode, SEYI's signature servo profile...
There was barely a rumble.

“This whole experience has been a great example of a strong partnership with the trust to see things through,” says Kish. “Congratulations to PMA and Tradeshow Consulting for 10 years of METALFORM Mexico.”

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