SEYI-Taiwan and America Take Center Stage at the 2014 Shanghai High Performance Machining Conference

This past February 25-26, Mr. Peter Hsu of SEYI-Taiwan and Mr. Randy Kish of SEYI-America presented Servo Press technology to the nearly 250 production and engineering professionals from Chinese automotive and aerospace industries at the 2014 High Performance Machining Conference in Shanghai.

To kick off the two-day event, leaders from local universities and industry associations presented attendees with industry insight, trends, and challenges facing Chinese parts manufacturers. For the remainder of the conference, demonstrations by leading machine tool manufacturers, material suppliers, and process innovators presented new technologies that can help these manufacturers make the most of production


Mr. Peter Hsu from Seyi’s Taiwan corporate offices and Mr. Randy Kish of SEYI-America, introduced the latest developments in servo press technology.

Their demonstration of direct drive servo press applications lead attendees through an overview of sheet metal forming principles, how traditional mechanical forming fails with new materials and customer demands, and how Direct Drive servo press technology meets the challenges for current and future customer response. 

Using animations, video and actual parts, application case studies revealed quality and productivity improvements in drawing and forming cylindrical shapes, automotive oil pans, and torque converters.

To request the full presentation complete with all accompanying videos, animations, and commentary, contact Randy Kish.

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