SERVO Die Training in Sweden

Sweden in January?...Really?  Thanks to our SEYI-Europe team, Scott Braito and Randy Kish of SEYI-America travelled to January...for a team-building exercise in SEYI Servo Press capabilities.  

The two-day exercise was highlighted by a servo capabilities demonstration. 
Led by Micheal Juhle, SEYI-Europe President, the two day training brought together SEYI distributors from throughout Europe to Ulrichehamm,  Sweden - home to Nader Laalinia and SEYI’s newest servo die design and tryout center.

Nader Laalinia is President of Finstansteknik, a leading tool design and custom machine tool manufacturer and integrator. Nader also acts as SEYI’s Sweden representative, offering servo tool and die design, building, tryout, and motion programming.  He has a SEYI SD1-200 in his facility and he’s excited about servo die design and programming with SEYI.

While much of the training focused on ways to integrate Europe/America customer experiences, Nadar’s servo demonstration brought together hours of discussion into three different SEYI servo press benefits: 

1.       Nearly-No-Noise Heavy Blanking with Free Motion

a.       Achieving a high NR rating requires forming at very slow speeds, with very controlled breakthrough.  You’ll need a very high torque, low RPM motor with near-zero mechanical clearance. 

2.       High-tolerance Forming with SEYI’s Unique Vibration Mode
a.   SEYI’s Vibration mode puts the motor, drive, control, and construction together for the ultimate in high precision/highly complex forming.  Though you may barely see it in action, the results are mind bending. 

3.       Form Off-Center Like Never Before – Rethinking the Unitized Design
a.       If you’re serious about servo, then at some point you’ll want…or need…to introduce new stresses to your press.  Long dwells under tonnage, vertically complex die sets, high precision off center forming.  SEYI’s unitized frame and Electronic overload are specifically designed to address the demands.

Cool Copenhagen
Who says visiting Scandinavia in January is a terrible idea?  While meeting in Sweden, Scott Braito and I had the chance to walk Copenhagen.  Check out the pics.  

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