SEYI-Europe Demonstrates the Versatility of the SD2-200 at Blechexpo Stuttgart

SEYI never stops working to fit the needs of the ever changing metal forming industry. Our goal is to assist you in your constant endeavor for increased efficiency and growth.

There may not be a machine that embodies SEYI’s drive to be the only press manufacturer you need more than the servo press.

With the servo press you have the control that provides you the desired efficiency and the flexibility to welcome the new jobs that will lead to the continued growth of your business.

Recently at Blechexpo in Stuttgart, Germany Michael Juhl of SEYI-Europe spent some time exhibiting some of the features that make the servo a great addition to any plant as they move into a new age of metal forming.

Watch the videos below as Michael demonstrates the SD2-200 in a variety of scenarios that professionals in our industry face daily for example controlling spring back, deep drawing, and fine blanking.

Thank you for taking the time to view these videos. If you have any questions please contact us today.


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