SEYI SLG Series - Link Motion, Heavy Duty, Deep Draw Presses

Link motion for efficiency and accuracy

SEYI’s SLG model is a heavy duty link motion deep draw press that will increase productivity on your floor while extending the life of your tooling.

The link drive design allows the slide of the press to approach your application quickly, slow down through the draw then return to the top quickly, this allows for your job to be accurate and efficient.

The SLG is available in two versions “H” and “S”. The H version has shorter stokes which allows for a faster speed. The S is the standard stoke but is slower than the H model.

There are a wide array of benefits to adding the SLG to the floor at your facility including but not limited to easy automation integration, increased productivity, and extended die life.

Contact us today and a SEYI representative will assist you in selecting the correct press for your project. Also, watch our brief video below on the SLG and see this press in action and learn even more about this industry leading machine.

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