FABTECH Mexico 2015: SEYI Demonstrates Cutting Edge Technology and Expansive Support Team

2015 FABTECH Mexico: Attention to Service and Support Most Important to Attendees.

Mexico’s manufacturing community continues to grow, and there are no shortage of suppliers ready to assist them with their production needs. This is great news for buyers who now have more choices than ever before, and nowhere was this more evident than the 2015 FABTECH Mexico show. There were more than 11,000 attendees and 530 exhibiting companies both record highs for this show.

The 2015 show was SEYI’s 11th as an exhibitor. At one time this show pitted just very few established stamping press companies against each other for the buyer’s attention, but now there are dozens of companies many of which have little or no experience in Mexico. Naturally, with such a competitive marketplace buyer expectations have soared. As was witnessed in the SEYI booth, attendees not only came to see more choices in technology, they stressed the importance of a potential purchase being backed by strong service and support. On all accounts SEYI delivers.

Drop image hereTechnology:

SEYI displayed the latest in servo press technology, demonstrating to attendee after attendee the flexibility and ease of use of the SEYI SD1-88 ton direct drive servo press, featuring a proprietary high-torque, low RPM motor, electronic overload protection, unparalleled frame construction, and limitless programming functionality. SEYI’s unique vibration mode was unanimously a crowd favorite, which exemplifies SEYI’s superior drive system and attention to dynamic response.
Drop image hereSupport and Service:

Attendees unfamiliar with SEYI before the show left the booth with the confidence that SEYI will follow through with outstanding direct support and service. Launched in 2014, the SEYI-Mexico office was represented in full force at the 2015 FABTECH Mexico. Led by General Manger Horacio Pena Villareal, service, sales, and administrative members from the Monterrey-based service center were available to answer attendee questions and detail SEYI’s well-established customer base, having more than 120 press and turnkey
system installations in Mexico, including mechanical gap frame presses, straight side presses, and servo presses. SEYI-Mexico is continually adding new members to their service and sales divisions, some new members were even present at the show. What was once an office of three just one year ago has grown two fold, doubling the number of service technicians and expanding geographical reach to support several Mexico regions. SEYI-Mexico will also begin stocking spare parts for faster service response and turnaround next month.

FABTECH 2015 Mexico was a success for SEYI-Mexico, and a great opportunity to spread the word about their state of the art technology as well as the wide reaching service that has been developed in the last year to a manufacturing community that continues in growth and global impact.

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